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[ Bali Villas Forever is one of the many luxury Bali private villa and accommodation rental in Seminyak, Bali for vacation and honeymoon ]

Term & Condition


This reservation procedure affects to all bookings made through websites owned and operated by CV. Indo Bali Lestari.

Reservation Flow Chart

1.  A reservation should be made in the form of writing by email or fax

  • Details of the number of guests including children (and their ages) are required prior to acceptance of any reservation.     Especially the presence of children must be informed in advanced since some villas do not cater for children under certain ages.
  • Should the party exceed the maximum villa capacity (2 persons per room), the villa management may not be able to accept the reservation. Therefore, please ensure that you select the appropriate villa type to accommodate your family or group. On this matter, some villa may have different regulation related with occupancy procedures.
  • Please complete the reservation form as completed as possible including your nationality, total persons and ages.

2. Upon receiving the reservation CV. Indo Bali Lestari reservation officer will check the villa’s availability for the desired dates and will reply to your email within less than 24 hours:

  • If the requested villa is available, CV. Indo Bali Lestari reservation officer will send you an email informing the villa details, rates, inclusions, as well as further steps require to proceed the booking
  • If the requested villa is not available, CV. Indo Bali Lestari reservation officer will propose the other similar villas available including with the rate, terms & conditions.

3. Please note that the availability of each villa can change from time to time. The villas are available at the time recommended but not necessarily available in the immediate future especially during high/peak season.

4. Once the guests confirm to proceed the booking, CV. Indo Bali Lestari reservation officer will send the invoice with payment instruction. The guest should settle the payment based on due date state on invoice otherwise the booking will be automatically released.

5. Once the payment received, CV. Indo Bali Lestari reservation officer will send the payment receipt together with the booking confirmation stating the details of booking, check in/out dates, inclusions, etc.

6. For airport pick up arrangement the guests should provide complete arrival flight details of each person of the party.

Method of Payment

1. Credit Card

  • Signed and completed credit card authorization form (CCAF), which can be download at link….
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of credit card front & back (card number must be readable).
  • All payment will be proceed in IDR

2. Bank transfer

  • All bank transfer charges should be borne by the client
  • Please state “Full Amount Guarantee” upon proceed the bank transfer

3. Online payment

  • We will send you an invoice with a link pointing to a webpage where you can proceed your online payment using your credit card.

Check In/Check Out

1. In most cases the airport pick up service is provided free of charge. Our officer will be holding a handy-sign board with the guests’ names written on it

2. Check in time for most of the villas is 14.00hrs and check out time is 11.00hrs. Early check in/late check out can be arranged based on availability and prior notice is also required.

3. Late check out up to 18.00hrs will be charge 50% from normal rate

4. A full one night rate will be applied for check out after 18.00hrs.

Cancellation Policy

1. Every cancellation should be made in the form of writing by email or fax. Each villa has different cancellation policies, please refer to the cancellation policy mentioned on the reservation confirmation.

2. In case of no show will be forfeiture and payment are non refundable

Season Periods

Low, high and peak season dates and surcharge policy are different for each villa. Please refer to each villa web page.

Change of Bookings

1. Change to bookings should be made of writing

2. Change of bookings can be accommodated based on villa availability however each villa has different policy.

Event & Parties

1. Normal bookings are for vacation purposes and special permission must be obtained for functions.

2. Regarding the events or parties that the guests wish to hold at the villas, the guests must notice in advance since the prior arrangements are inevitably needed. The local authorities will be asked for the license before conducting these events and also there will be an extra cost for conducting the events. Also, the guests should be aware that these are private villas located in residential neighborhoods, and as such, not all functions or events can necessarily be accommodated. Much depends on the vagaries of the neighborhood’s residents


1. We will not be responsible under any circumstances to refund any unused portion of with respect accommodations, car rentals, including any substitutions. CV. Indo Bali Lestari disclaims any and all liability for property loss or damage, as well as injury including death sustained by any person whilst residing at a private villa, or whilst engaged on any tour, whether the loss or injury occurs as a result of breach of contractual obligations of the agent, its servants, employees or agents

2. Whenever the guests plan for traveling to Bali and stay at villas, checking the health insurance is something essential to do. The guests have to ensure that they have got covered by the insurance. Taking an inclusive insurance is highly recommended since it will be able to protect the guests whenever they get the illness, injury, death, the luggage and personal items loss, cancellation, as well as the other incidents that may occur during their travel in Bali

3. Whilst we makes every effort to ensure that brochure descriptions are accurate and that the villa meets its required standards, we don’t accept responsibility for any alterations made to the villa or its amenities, which are beyond its control. We and Villa Owner, and their agents, employees, affiliates, authorized representatives and assigns will not accept any responsibility or liability, howsoever caused, for any injury, sickness, loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience, directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the use or condition of the villa, its plumbing, gas, electrical, or otherwise, and exceptional weather conditions, that is suffered or alleged to be suffered by the client, their guests and/or invitees. Furthermore, no responsibility is accepted by CV. Indo Bali Lestari and/or the Villa Owner, or the agents, employees, affiliates, authorized representatives and assigns for the personal belongings, vehicles and contents of vehicles of the client, their guests or invitees.

Loss and/or Damage

The client is responsible for leaving the villa in good order and in a clean condition. The client further undertakes to pay for any loss and/or damage to the villa during the client’s occupation of the villa. CV. Indo Bali Lestari reserves the right to repossess the premises if the client or a guest or invitee of the client has caused damage to the premises.

Complaints and Force Majeur

1. If the client considers that they have cause for complaint concerning the villa, the matter should be taken up promptly with villa manager, who will in turn notify CV. Indo Bali Lestari. CV. Indo Bali Lestari will not entertain complaints made after the client has left the villa, when it is unable to property investigate the complaint.

2. CV. Indo Bali Lestari shall not be liable to the client for any failure to perform any obligations under this rental contract due to causes which prevent it from fulfilling its obligations under this rental contract which are beyond its reasonable control and of a nature which it neither has the power or authority to remedy, including without limitation, acts of God, acts of civil or military disturbances, power failures, fires, floods, epidemics, wars, riots and acts of terrorism. In the event of such an occurrence, CV. Indo Bali Lestari shall give prompt written notice thereof to the client and any time for performance of an obligation shall be extended by time equal to the length of delay attributable to such occurrence.


1. CV. Indo Bali Lestari strongly recommends that the client and all guests obtain appropriate travel and medical insurance.

2. It is the client’s and their guests’ sole responsibility to ensure that every member of the booking party hold appropriate travel documentation to comply with the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia for entry and visitation to the Republic. CV. Indo Bali Lestari will not provide refunds where the client or any of it guests do not hold appropriate travel documentation, if they miss their flights or travel connections, or if flights or travel connections are delayed or cancelled.

3. It is the client’s and the guests’ sole responsibility to ensure they comply with the Laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, and CV. Indo Bali Lestari takes no responsibility for any acts or omissions by the client, their guests or invitees that are illegal or breach any Laws or Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.